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Company. How 3D, FEA & Virtual Simulation will help you save money and time


Saving on pilot samples and testing

FEA and VS allows for computer simulation of the product operation, thus practically excluding the need for expensive testing. Most of the manufacturers make product prototypes and subject them to tests. Testing will always give most reliable answers; however, it is also very expensive. Besides, there are real limitations on the testing program. When computer engineering analysis facilities are used, it is required only to make the final version of the product – in most cases, to confirm the computer analysis results. Such approach is much more cost-effective than the tests themselves.

The product becomes better and cheaper

FEA and VS allow simulating very complicated products with a much higher precision as compared to other analytical methods. It can give you a product of a better quality at a smaller cost. Matrix analysis always implies a very conservative approach to the solution of the task. Matrix analysis requires substantial simplifications and assumptions. This mathematical method ensures a relative reliability of the design, but it does not give the idea about the behavior of the product analyzed. This inevitably leads you to clumsy and very cautious solutions.

Using three-dimensional opportunities for presentation of the design object and the environmental in which it is used allows us to set multiple scenarios for the object behavior. Thus, application of FEA & VS will give a more comprehensive idea about the real operation of the product in any operational conditions, thereby making your design more modern and competitive. We are sure that opportunities offered by scenario analysis will be very useful for project managers and system analysts when they make decisions at early design stages.

In-house or outsourcing?

Specialized packages, used for sophisticated analysis, cost over 50,000 $. To this should be added the cost of computers and personnel training, which can be equal to the cost of the software.

To start making in-house analysis, it is necessary to invest the above amount from the very beginning. The first effect may be obtained only after some time. And payback of the investment over an acceptable period is possible only if the purchased packages are used intensively. Thus, before buying your own CAE package, you should estimate possibility for payback of the costs. Probably, you will find a better way of using the money.

If you place an order for analysis to be made by our company, the costs will be much smaller, thus minimizing the time between paying money and getting the results.

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