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As recently as eight-ten years ago, a broad use of FEA methods in designing was typical of aerospace industries, ensuring a soaring rate of military technologies. Two-three years later, severe competition made FEA and a complete three-dimensional design cycle an essential tool for survival of world motor-vehicle manufacturers. High costs of the basic software, even for world largest corporations, and especially the cost of education and training of engineers at all production stages resulted in a new type of outsourcing, i.e. engineering services based on modern FEA methods.

Today, the pressure of competition for mid-size companies is becoming as strong as for industrial leaders, which makes it necessary to do strenuous work so as to reduce production cost and increase products quality and productivity and cut down the time period required to usher new products into the market (time-to-market). Solution of such tasks, both in designing aircrafts and racing cars and inventing a new model of a coffee machine, should be looked for along the way towards efficient application of modern technologies in engineering analysis at all stages of the design process, also to be supported by a reliable and operative engineering facilities. Micro Express can offer you its experience gained at a range of large enterprises of Europe, helping with engineering support of the entire designing cycle � from the product concept to production preparation. Our team can provide the entire range of consulting services, including, but not limited by, the making of three-dimensional models, rendering and animation, finite element analysis, conceptual design, analysis of faults and troubles, and optimization of the product.

Our team includes experienced engineers who have been trained and certified at companies manufacturing advanced software for 3D modeling, FEA and Virtual Simulation (VS).
We have expertise needed to solve most complicated engineering tasks, both in industry and in medicine. You can learn about this in our Success stories. These solutions allowed our clients to save millions of dollars and many months during preparation for new products production or searching of causes of faulty products in batch production.

We are using, in our work, methods that are based on multiple scenarios of behavior of a mechanism and make most effective use of modern advanced 3D and FEA software, which allows predicting, in the most precise manner, how a product (or a technological process) would behave in different conditions of use.

We offer a broad range of services. The level of design work can also be varying. We can make calculations for your model with the prescribed conditions. This makes the actions of the client limited by filling of the application form and getting a report with calculation results. However, modern telecommunication facilities allow us to organize our involvement in the design process at such level as if we were in a neighboring office. It provides opportunity for the practical implementation, through joint design group, of a design with a level of complexity and quality that would be simply impossible neither for our specialists, nor for employees of the client, working separately. Also, on request of the client, we can organize our work on-site. In this case, personnel of the client also learn our experience through direct communication, in addition to the results of a specific design. We have positive examples of Collaborative Management of similar designs.

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