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Conceptual Design

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Our projects

Our projects

Design errors, renewed cycles of manufacturing, testing and adjustment of the pilot sample and, as a result, delayed commencement of product manufacture. This practice of the past is inadmissible in today�s market conditions. Significant money and time can be saved, if the designer, before beginning of production, is fully aware of mechanical behavior of the structure. Use of computerized engineering analysis facilities at the conceptual design stage allows taking correct basic decisions and avoiding most expensive errors in the product design.

Our approach to analysis of the designed product is based on understanding that nobody but specialists of the customer can possess the specific knowledge and expertise that is accumulated throughout years of practical work. We see success of the design in integration of knowledge of your specialists and our experience in engineering and three-dimensional design process.

Conceptual design includes two stages. The first stage is the making of three-dimensional conceptual models of the unit analyzed. 3D conceptual models represent models with a simplified geometry that include all functionalities of the would-be design.

The second stage includes kinematical, dynamic or stress analysis.

For us to be able to start conceptual design, you should briefly describe your product, give us a tentative kinematical scheme, i.e. drawings or sketches describing links and ties between them, and also characterize conditions in which the product will be working.
The result of Conceptual design is a report submitted to you that describes behavior of your product in different scenarios regarding working loads and operational conditions. This will allow you to select very quickly the most effective technical solution.

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