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We offer conversion of CAD two-dimensional data or paper drawings into three-dimensional parametric models. We can also use blueprints or mylar as the basis information. Output data can be converted into any graphic or CAD format.

Availability of a three-dimensional model allows us to demonstrate to the client the would-be product look even before the production preparation stage. It helps simulate processes of the design assembly, its maintenance and the sequence of the unit assembly process. All modern engineering analysis facilities require a three-dimensional model as input information. Three-dimensional models are very much needed to those who provide rapid prototyping, to companies that at present work in two dimensions but would like to make use of rapid prototyping, to companies that switch over to 3D environment and want to preserve their previous two-dimensional expertise, and to those who have a concept of the future product and who wish to see it in reality.

However, generally, obtaining a 3D model is not an automatic procedure. Any design drawing is a subjective idea of a three-dimensional object, made by a concrete designer. Therefore it is wrong to believe that there is a program that automatically obtains three-dimensional models by using flat drawings of parts of any complexity. Some packages include translators, but they are fit only when a detail is represented by simple figures and surfaces and only when drawings are precise and contain all required views and sections along with respective projective relations. Such situation is least probable in modern two-dimensional design. Besides, most of the parts in machine building have complicated quadric or higher surfaces and they cannot be described mathematically form flat drawings. No translator program, even the most intellectual, is able to transfer drawings from one system to another with absolute accuracy and precision. Therefore the drawings available must be verified and adjusted. But this process may turn out to be more complicated that building a new modifiable model that can be used later for update and issue of drawings.

Expert solid modeling has a key advantage � models of the parts can be modified. All our engineers have a high experience related to making parametric solid models. Identification of parameters makes it easy to modify a part in life-cycle process.

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