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Product optimization

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Optimization of the product parameters � with multiple criteria used to assess its properties � is a complicated task that requires special methods and a lot of calculations.

Traditionally, the manufacturer solves this task during full-scale testing of different product versions, which is very expensive and time-consuming.

We offer to our clients solutions for optimization of any properties of their products.

Our scenario approach allows a quick assessment of interconnection between multiple properties of the product, thereby selecting such parameters of your products that will make such products cost- and material-effective, as well as the best operational properties.

We use as initial data the description of geometry of your products (we can work not only with a detailed geometry, but also with the conceptual scheme of your product), the operational environment and a tentative list of assessment criteria.

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To order the work, you should fill the form that you can download here, and send it to the indicated address.

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