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Thermal Analysis

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Why do we need thermal analysis?

Steady state and transient heat transfer analyses a type of structural simulation that solving heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. Thermal models are solved using advanced finite control volume technology, under steady state or transient loading conditions.

Thermal analysis is analysis used to determine temperature distributions

Transient is a situation where time is a factor in the process. Important quantities change over time. The term dynamic is very similar, and often used.

Heat treatment analyses is type of analysis that calculates a structure´┐Żs temperature field and gradient, phase proportions, hardness, distortions, stresses, plastic strains, yield stress depending on the mixture of the phases.

To make thermal analyses we need a 3D model of a part, loads and boundary conditions. We can use any 3D CAD formats or create a 3D by any drawings and sketches.

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To order the work, you should fill the form that you can download here, and send it to the indicated address.

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