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Web development

CAD/CAM/CAE extensions



Our field of expertise primarily covers business and web component development for Java (J2EE) platform for server side and HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, J2SE (Applet, Web Start) for thin client. Power of this combination of technologies can be applied in wide variety of cases, from simple web site to large enterprise system. Having experience with open source products we know what tools to choose to deliver most efficient solution.

Among our clients are large electronics manufacturers, governmental structures, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, and manufacturers of accessories for embroidery.









Our projects



Web portals development


We provide B2B and B2C solutions with complicated backend logic and sophisticated front-end interface. We offer web site/component/application development full service:


-         Specification & design documents creation

-         Elaboration of project's architecture

-         Database structure modeling

-         Mockups design

-         Programming

-         Testing

-         Technical documentation creation

-         Maintenance


To satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of our clients we use advanced Java/J2EE platform. It provides flexibility, platform independence and allows creating complex solutions in optimal time/cost rate.




CAD/CAM/CAE customization


Our team has vast experience in customization of CAD/CAM/CAE applications. We do customization of such products as Unigraphics since V18, Solid Edge since V10 and Teamcenter Engineering (IMAN).


We develop custom tools for CAD systems that are used in design process as well as in documentation creation process.


Our specialists have deep knowledge of involved tecnologies, such as Unigraphics Open API, Soild Edge API and Teamcenter Engineering Integration Tool Kit.


We have a high skill mathematicianís team for fundamental development of basic algorithms in wide fields applications with using complex mathematic techniques for a 3-D simulation software development.

Economical applications.

With a fast growing volume of economical data that often can change in a moment if you want to stay always with profit you need a software assistant helping you to collect, process and organize data that allow you to get right decision immediately.

Our expertise covers:

-         †††††Portfolio management solutions for stock markets;

-         †††††Value-at-Risk analysis;

-         †††††Stock quotes forecast, options and futures;

-         †††††Charting and reporting software;

-         †††††Stocks, factors, currencies online data acquisition.

Our solutions being integrated into your businessís workflow will increase your income significantly and you will get a success.


Data Mining

Data mining (or data discovery) is the process of autonomously extracting useful information or knowledge (ďactionable assetsĒ) from large data stores or sets. Data mining approach assists you to improve analytic prediction of business modelís workflow, to predict customersí behavior and possible risks, etc.

Data mining software allows you to extract company knowledge from real-time and historical data and predict outcomes of future situations. Utilizing data mining software may be the solution youíve been looking for.



Since 2004 Micro Express Int'l offers to its clients 'outsourcing' collaboration model. Outsourcing helps companies to save their costs while achieving excellent results. We can provide you with qualified team to develop your project.

We specialize on such technologies as J2EE, including Servlet/JSP, JDBC, XML/XSLT. We as well provide Java desktop applications programming services using core Java classes and Swing.

Our team has experience in developing distributed applications using Java Web Start technology.

Technologies summary


Tools used in development process.

Borland JBuilder, Sybase PowerDesigner, Macromedia HomeSite, Adobe Photoshop, CVS, Bugzilla, Wiki





Server side

Tomcat, JBoss, BEA WebLogic (Free BSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows)


Client side

Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera, Safari (Windows, Linux, MacOS)







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