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Most of our calculations are based on finite element analysis. FEA is a computer method for simulation of parts and assemblies behavior. Theoretically, it was developed more than 50 years ago and today is a serious alternative to full-time tests.

We are absolutely sure that engineering analysis of all types should be made at early stages of design implementation. Making even a rough analysis through preliminary sketches allows an engineer to identify the direction of work, which will, most probably, give positives results.

Moreover, this line will be defined before the engineer spends some time for detailed designing of the item that may lead to a deadlock.

We make different types of analysis needed to solve a broad range of problems. These calculations make an integral part of our suggested Engineering Services, however they can be ordered separately.

We can make the below calculations in a rapid and precise manner, requiring from you only minimum information:

  • Product optimization (this service will allow optimization of your designs in such a way that they will be of top quality at a minimum price);
  • FEA analysis (we can make for you Structural analysis, Stress/Strain analysis, Linear buckling, Acoustic/vibration analysis);
  • Virtual Testing (this service will allow us to predict, in the most precise way, behavior of your mechanism in real operation conditions, including the most enduring conditions; we will consider interactions of all systems and units of the mechanism);
  • 3D Mechanical Analysis (we will make kinematical and dynamic calculations of mechanisms of any complexity, including Transmission´┐Żs Components);
  • Thermal Analysis (calculations of any heat loads exerted on your product will allow us to make calculations of the heating and cooling processes and heat flows, stress and deformations);
  • Casting Analysis (if you need to calculate the process of metal casting, heat conditions for casting and phase transitions or to determine shrinkage, we can help you);
  • Welding Assembly Analysis (we can help you calculate phase transitions, heat conditions, residual stress and deformations for welding).

As soon as we get an electronic version of your 3D model with indicated limiting conditions, loads and the required type of analysis, we will get in contact with you within 48 hours so as to give you the price and the time period needed to perform the work. On your consent, we will fulfill analysis and transfer to you the results and the report.


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