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Virtual Testing

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To make sure that the unit will operate reliably not only in conditions of generalized loads used during design calculations, but also in real operational conditions, including the heaviest conditions, it is necessary to make virtual tests that help predict behavior of the machine and possible failures.

A specific feature of such calculations is that to make a comprehensive study of the product operation it is required to consider all systems and mechanisms of the unit in their integrity.
During virtual tests we make the most effective use of our previous expertise in the field of scenario analysis and give the client a multiplicity of virtual scenarios describing behavior of the product in any operation and use conditions.

This kind of services stipulates joint use of dynamic and structural analysis facilities and calculation programs, thereby reflecting in the best way operational functions of your product.
As a result, the client gets, within a brief time, full and exhaustive information about behaviors of the product in real operation conditions.

To begin our work, we may need, depending on the type of the product and the required accuracy of calculations, both the general scheme of the product and its 3D model as well as the description of its operational conditions.

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To order the work, you should fill the form that you can download here, and send it to the indicated address.

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