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Casting Analysis

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Analysis of casting defects helps us identify, quickly and accurately, the causes of:

  • Shrinkage pipes and porosit
  • Thermal cracks and buckling
  • Sand erosion and clogging
  • Gas defects resultant from air entrapment during die casting
  • Misruns and cold shuts

We can analyze practically all types of existing technological processes:

  • High-pressure die casting
  • Low-pressure die casting
  • Sand casting
  • Gravity die casting
  • Tilt pouring casting
  • Shell casting (investment casting)
  • Lost foam process

Analysis of casting defects allows:

  • Reducing the time required to start a new casting in the batch production
  • Reducing costs for manufacture of technological tooling
  • Minimizing rejection rate of the castings that are already in batch production
  • Possible inclusions of oxide films during aluminum casting

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To order the work, you should fill the form that you can download here, and send it to the indicated address.

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