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If you are looking for a new approach to design or manufacture of your products, our experience and expertise can help you attain the required positive results.

We can give support to your team, by making complicated designs in a rapid and precise manner through the use of FEA & VS. Our engineers have experience of designing sophisticated components and assemblies. They also know how to design new products or how to redesign the existing ones.

Modern three-dimensional modeling and engineering analysis facilities make use of a computer to verify the design before you spend time and money for manufacture of a physical pilot sample. Solid modeling is based on the use of FEA, analysis of kinematics, verification of intersections of parts in an assembly, and visual assessment of the model on the computer screen.

The offered Engineering Services are most effective when solving complicated tasks and also in conditions when the time factor is the determining one, while solution of the problem is not evident. They are based on our innovations in the field of scenario analysis.

The object of engineering design may be an individual part, a subassembly, or the product as a whole. Our services can be used at any stage of design, during concept development, detailed designed or design of technological processes required for manufacture of the product. To get the best result when making the final design, we recommend performing a complete range of operations called �Conceptual design � Detailed design � Assembly simulation � Virtual testing�. However, you can order our services separately.

The result of work performed is files of three-dimensional models, testing results, as well as reports on the work performed, accompanying technological documents, etc.).

We offer:

  • Conceptual Design (when you have an idea of a new design, we can help you rapidly estimate various options for its implementation by identifying the right direction of designing);
  • Failure Analysis (if you encounter cases when products are destroyed during use or you have sub-grade castings, we can help identify the causes and prompt you how to remedy them);
  • Detail Design (if you have defined the concept of your future product, the joint team will make its detail design, including all minor things in its structure, so as to get the most effective and cheapest product; and we will organize a range of virtual tests so as to exclude errors);
  • 2D-3D Conversion (we can help transfer your designs from two-dimensional into parametric three-dimensional designs);
  • Design of tools (Our company designs all kinds of casting, die and mold tools with different complexity. We use modern specialized software in our work. Our specialists are trained and certified by UGS PLM-Solutions and ESI-Group.).


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